GCSEN STARTUP TO SCALE TOOLKIT contains everything you could want to know about creating a social enterprise from scratch, from idea to revenue generation.

  • Natural Roles

    Discover what am I really good at. What do I really love to do? What is REALLY important to me?

  • Theory of Change

    Know what positive impact I will have on the world. Use this tool to measure impact and to stay on path from problem to solution.

  • Social Enterprise Business Model Canvas

    Learn how to create a business plan that quickly answers what I want to do, how I will do it, and who will benefit from my success.

  • PAM4 Negotiations

    How do I negotiate? Learn how to structure a deal so it creates a win-win agreement with potential partners, clients, or investors.

  • Social Enterprise Financial Forecast

    What is my economics of one unit? Learn more about maintaing a personal budget separate from your business and the importance of Free Cash Flow

  • Meaning Maker Pitch

    Learn to pitch my business idea. Become better at telling my story and attracting potential investors or donors.

Toolkit For All Skill Levels

The GCSEN Startup to Scale Toolkit consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been thinking of turning your idea into a business or you are already running your own social enterprise. This toolkit will benefit you and dramatically transform your ability to make meaning and make money. 

Task Driven Approach 

The tasks associated with the GCSEN Toolkit are a sample of the tasks you, the Social Entrepreneur, will undertake in developing a social enterprise that delivers 4P impact. Every social enterprise starts with an idea as to how the world could be a better place. Every idea grew from the purpose, idealism, and energy of someone willing to struggle to bring their vision to life.

Course curriculum

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This toolkit will benefit you and dramatically transform your ability to make meaning and make money.